Hop Electric Mobility, India

Hop Electric, a team of passionate engineers, designers, creators and marketeers working towards one goal to bring sustainable products and technologies to daily life of a common man. At Hop, they are building the next generation new energy mobility ecosystem that makes it easier to switch to electric scooter, electric bikes and other electric vehicles.

Range anxiety, lack of charging infrastructure, expensive battery technology, lack of product understanding, higher upfront cost are few of the primary challenges that restrict customers from buying and using electric vehicles today. To address the range anxiety issue, The customers can simply Swap to a fully charged battery in less than 7 secs at any of the Hop Infinity energy network Battery swapping stations. And the best part is customers never have to worry about batteries. They virtually get unlimited warranty. As hop designs, develop and manages the batteries customers get the latest and most advanced battery technology every time they swap.


hop electric
hop electric
hop electric
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